Subway Culture

Subway Culture: The Third Russian Opera


A. The Council 20:30

B. Knyaz Fyodor's Death 20:00

C. Dvartz'y Kur Myaf 14:52

D. The Beginning Of Subway Culture 20:35

Side A, B, D: recorded on the night of 24th to 25th February 1985 in the Kirov Ballet and Opera Theatre, Leningrad.
Side C: recorded on the 7th June 1983, Leningrad.
Special thanks to Hans Kumpf.

A sticker added to Grebenshchikov's credits, as well as each of the two paper record sleeves, says:
"Sometimes B.G. plays his guitar with a razor blade. Occasionally it produces a 'distorted' sound. In fact, it is a deliberate part of B.G.'s performance, and not a faulty recording or pressing."

A special limited edition of only 500 records.
Made in England.