Magical albums

Since all music comes from the One Source, we present to you albums that are magical for us.

 revolver the beatles
 srg. pepper... the beatles
 magical mystery tour the beatles
 a beard of stars tyrannosaurus rex
 heaven or las vegas cocteau twins
 armchair theater jeff lynne
 hurdy gurdy man donovan 
 rock bottom robert wyatt
 californication red hot chili peppers
 astral weeks van morrison
 american beauty the grateful dead
 we're only in it for the money frank zappa & the mothers of invention
 postcard mary hopkin
 kiss the tears away silly wizard
 so many partings silly wizard
 hangman's beautiful daughter incredible string band
 t.rex t.rex
 mellow yellow donovan
 sunshine superman donovan
 ommadawn mike oldfield
 krishna bhajans jagjit & chitra singh
 woke up laughing robert palmer
 10th nobukazu takemura
 blue bell knoll cocteau twins
 kon tiki cotton mather
 man with a rhyme archie fisher
 the angel's share robin laing
 call of the river ustad shujaat khan